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What is that on the shore? Is it asking for food? Is it going to eat us?

A stranger arrives on an island. The villagers could not understand his language and wild gestures. He must be a demon! He is befriended by a woman, an outsider living among the villagers. The demon and that woman learned each other’s language. The villagers become afraid and suspicious. Is the demon conspiring with that woman? Are they bringing other demons to invade our island? We must kill the demon!

An internationally-acclaimed play by Japanese playwright Noda Hideki, ‘Red Demon’ was voted Best Play in Japan two years consecutively in 1998 & 1999, and has been performed in UK, Thailand & Korea. Award-winning director Malaysian Loh Kok Man now brings the play to Kuala Lumpur in this special collaboration between Pentas Project and Taiwanese theatre company The Flying Group Theatre, featuring an exciting interaction between performers, live musicians and puppetry.

For Malaysians, this powerful play will resonate with our anxieties about migrants, foreign forces, and other races in our own home. ‘Red Demon’ is about the monsters we become to each other.



Date & Time

18 – 21 June 2015

18 Jun Thursday 8:30 PM
19 Jun Friday 8:30 PM
20 Jun Saturday 3:00 PM, 8:30 PM
21 Jun Sunday 3:00 PM

Running 5 shows in total.

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  • RM68.00 Free Seating
  • RM40.00 Student / Disabled / Senior Citizen


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