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Raj always dreamt of going to America. Instead his family locked him up in a mental hospital in Tanjung Rambutan. So imagine his happiness when upon his release he learnt that Uncle L was looking for a sidekick to journey to New York. Uncle L was always travelling. He had done Ecuador and the Galapagos, gambled in Las Vegas, and watched with interest as bored women in Bangkok ricocheted ping-pong balls off his wife’s head. Everyone in the family was sick of his wanderlust. But not Raj.

Despite Uncle L’s misgivings – and those of his wife – the two embark on their fateful journey together. Neither understands the urges that consume them but along the way they become part of the restless flotsam and jetsam of humanity, part of the restless tide of life on the planet. And Tragedy follows as it inevitably does.

From the powerful imagination of award-winning director, playwright and actor Jo Kukathas, comes an epic, charming, and poignant tale about two Malaysian dreamers, brought to tragic-comic heights by the psychedelic vision of Singaporean director Natalie Hennedige. Raj and the End of Tragedy reminds us that at the end of the failures and successes of today’s headlines are the silent tragedies that make us human.



Date & Time

27 – 30 November 2014

27 Nov Thursday 8:30 PM
28 Nov Friday 8:30 PM
29 Nov Saturday 3:00 PM, 8:30 PM
30 Nov Sunday 3:00 PM, 8:30 PM

Running 6 shows in total.

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  • RM48 Adult [Matinee Shows]
  • RM38 Student

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