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Armed with just a dream, Ah Kit ventures to join a Cantonese Opera troupe. Through an unfortunate turn of events, he manages to draw the wrath of the current superstar incumbent, Fui Koh, and is hired as a lowly stagehand instead. As he earns his place in the troupe, he befriends another apprentice, Siu Ngau, and catches the attention of not only the Manager’s daughter, Fei Mui, but also the Manager himself who sees Ah Kit’s potential.

As love blossoms between Fei Mui and Ah Kit, the friction between the aspiring star and Fui Koh increases. An inevitable showdown follows. To what lengths will each go to protect what they hold to their hearts so dearly?

The brand new musical directed by Joe Hasham OAM and produced by Dato’ Faridah Merican stars an amazing line up of award-winning talents. With a 24-strong cast plus a 7-piece live band performing 15 original Broadway-style numbers, Paper Crane is set to be another irresistable musical treat!

(Performed in Cantonese with some English. Scene by scene descriptions in English will be provided)



Date & Time

27 July 2012 – 19 August 2012

27 Jul Friday 8:30 PM
28 Jul Saturday 8:30 PM
29 Jul Sunday 3:00 PM
30 Jul Monday Off day
31 Jul Tuesday Off day
1 Aug Wednesday 8:30 PM
2 Aug Thursday 8:30 PM
3 Aug Friday 8:30 PM
4 Aug Saturday 8:30 PM
5 Aug Sunday 3:00 PM
6 Aug Monday Off day
7 Aug Tuesday Off day
8 Aug Wednesday 8:30 PM
9 Aug Thursday 8:30 PM
10 Aug Friday 8:30 PM
11 Aug Saturday 8:30 PM
12 Aug Sunday 3:00 PM
13 Aug Monday Off day
14 Aug Tuesday Off day
15 Aug Wednesday 8:30 PM
16 Aug Thursday 8:30 PM
17 Aug Friday 8:30 PM
18 Aug Saturday 8:30 PM
19 Aug Sunday 3:00 PM

Running 18 shows in total.

Gray bar Shaded dates indicate weekend


Ticket Prices

  • RM110 Weekend
  • RM100 Normal
  • RM90 Weekend
  • RM80 Normal
  • RM70 Weekend
  • RM60 Normal
  • RM50 Weekend
  • RM40 Normal

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