Never Eat Too Much Before Rapture and early preview of Two Chinese Ants

Never Eat Too Much Before Rapture and early preview of Two Chinese Ants's poster

Sifu Productions is excited to announce a double bill consisting of Never Eat Too Much Before Rapture (or NETMBR; Pronunciation: Net-Tem-Ber) and the early preview of “Two Chinese Ants”. This new edition of NETMBR features completely new plays performed by six young and talented actors consisting of Aiman Asmawar, Ariff Kamil, Belinda Hon, Hana Nadira, Jen Yee Toh and Tan Boon Kit. This diverse ensemble will have 60 minutes to perform 30 short plays, with the sequence of plays performed completely determined by the audience!

Inspired by the Neo-Futurists Theatre in Chicago, all plays are originally written, directed, and performed by them: some pieces may be funny, some may be sentimental, and some may even change the course of the show.

Additionally, SIFU Productions will also be presenting “Two Chinese Ants”, an original interactive play written by local playwright Teng Ky-Gan. Two Chinese Ants chronicles the story of two anthropomorphic Chinese ants and their epic journey to the capital of the west – Pai Land.

Featuring Brian Chan and Terence Toh, Two Chinese Ants features heavy audience involvement and real-time multimedia interaction. The audience will be allowed to affect the course of the play, including shaping the many decisions the two ants might need to make during the journey, and what happens when they get there!



Date & Time

26 November 2014 – 5 December 2014

26 Nov Wednesday 8:30 PM
27 Nov Thursday 8:30 PM
28 Nov Friday 8:30 PM
29 Nov Saturday 8:30 PM
30 Nov Sunday 3:00 PM
1 Dec Monday Off day
2 Dec Tuesday Off day
3 Oct Friday 8:30 PM
4 Dec Thursday 8:30 PM
5 Dec Friday 8:30 PM

Running 8 shows in total.

Gray bar Shaded dates indicate weekend


Ticket Prices

  • RM36 Normal
  • RM10 Minimum donation for Two Chinese Ants

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