Malaysian Girls the Musical ‘A Real Life Pageant’

Malaysian Girls the Musical ‘A Real Life Pageant’'s poster

Samsara Jaya and Serenity Billion had a passionate mission. Together, they created The Malaysian Girls Pageant to seek and define a uniquely Malaysian ideal of beauty. And year after the year, the pageant has proudly celebrated individuality, grace and all-out buatan Malaysia inside-out!

Suddenly, a few weeks before this year’s pageant, the beloved Samsara passes away.

The mourning Serenity, with this year’s short-listed Malaysian Girls, is left to ponder the precarious fate of the pageant without the champion of Malaysian beauty to hold their hands. Enter Dato’ Ray Sanjay, Samsara’s flashy brother, with the ambitious Jasmine Hibiscus, and her two side-kicks determined to turn the amat Malaysian pageant into a Bigger, Bolder idea of International Beauty! First step, bring in the mat salleh: “Meet Sydney Belle, Miss Australia 1999.”

Admire the beauty outside, but there’s a lot more to look at when you enter the crazy inner world of The Malaysian Girls Pageant.



Date & Time

10 – 30 December 2011

10 Dec Saturday 8:30 PM
11 Dec Sunday 3:00 PM
12 Dec Monday Off day
13 Dec Tuesday 8:30 PM
14 Dec Wednesday 8:30 PM
15 Dec Thursday 8:30 PM
16 Dec Friday 8:30 PM
17 Dec Saturday 8:30 PM
18 Dec Sunday 3:00 PM
19 Dec Monday Off day
20 Dec Tuesday 8:30 PM
21 Dec Wednesday 8:30 PM
22 Dec Thursday 8:30 PM
23 Dec Friday 8:30 PM
24 Dec Saturday Off day
25 Dec Sunday 5:00 PM
26 Dec Monday 5:00 PM
27 Dec Tuesday 8:30 PM
28 Dec Wednesday 8:30 PM
29 Dec Thursday 8:30 PM
30 Dec Friday 8:30 PM

Running 18 shows in total.

Gray bar Shaded dates indicate weekend


Ticket Prices

  • RM110 Normal
  • RM90 Normal
  • RM70 Normal
  • RM50 Normal


Weekend (Friday – Sunday)
Adult: RM110/90/70/50
Concession*: RM88/72/56/40

Weekday (Tuesday – Thursday)
Adult: RM100/80/60/40
Concession*: RM80/64/48/32

*Concession: Eligible for students, disabled, senior citizens, TAS card holders & UNHCR card holders.

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