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“Tepuk amai-amai, belalang kupu-kupu, tepuk biar pandai, nanti upah susu. Susu lemak manis, santan kelapa muda, kakak jangan nangis, abang kita banyak kerja.”

We hear about it, we read about it, and often we’re told what to think about it. Polygamy is a norm, whether we like it or not; but too often we hear only the stories of men. What is it like to be a madu (co-wife) in a modern world where the rights of women are, at least in principle, the same as men?

How does a madu live her life knowing that the man she loves exclusively does not love her in the same way? And what of two wives who live under the same roof, sharing only the love for the same man and little else? Are they empowered? Are they condemned? Or are they entirely something different, beyond the understanding of most of us because they too are unsure?

Alfian Sa’at’s play Madu II is more than just a play, or incisive social commentary, or a statement on what is or ought to be, and its characters are more than mere studies. Madu II contains the same quiet hopes, shattered dreams, compromised joys—and the honest humanity—of many women who live in polygamous households. It is at once breathtaking as it is heartbreaking, uproarious in its humour, pathos, and outrage.


Executive Producer: Dato’ Faridah Merican
Artistic Director: Joe Hasham OAM
Written by: Alfian Sa’at
Directed by: U-En Ng
Featuring: Elza Irdalynna & Inessa Irdayanty




Date & Time

6 – 10 April 2011

6 Apr Wednesday 8:30 PM
7 Apr Thursday 8:30 PM
8 Apr Friday 8:30 PM
9 Apr Saturday 8:30 PM
10 Apr Sunday 3:00 PM

Running 5 shows in total.

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Ticket Prices

  • RM33 Normal
  • RM23 Students & disabled


RM23 on preview night 6 April 2011.

10% off for Short Eyes + Madu II.

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