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The entire world is shufflin’ to LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”, and come 29 March 2012, Malaysia will join the party as Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd presents LMFAO Live in Malaysia!

Organised by JS Concert, the LMFAO concert, to be held at the Surf Beach and Sunway Lagoon, promises to embody the group’s global invitation to the world to “just have a good time!”

Samsung, the global leader in consumer electronics, has taken the world by storm with its innovative products and technology and the same can be said for LMFAO. As the duo says, they are more than dance/pop music creators; they are scientific spinsters of a carefully crafted soundtrack for a new generation of global party people.

Showcasing a new breed of music that now appeals to radio programmers worldwide. “We’re music designers,” Redfoo says. “If music is a way to communicate with people, we’re almost like scientists,” he continues. “Some people make software applications. Drama movie writers write a story that can make you cry. We’re designing something for use in the clubs for DJs and we know exactly what we built it for.”

LMFAO is creating the soundtrack for Party Of Life with their music, they are dressing it with their “Party Rock” clothing line, and now they are taking it international with their tours and epic DJ sets…



Date & Time

9 April 2012

9 Apr Monday 8:30 PM

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