Stuck review

Stuck review

‘Stuck’ a simple yet wonderful Children’s Theatre adapted from the book with the same title by Oliver Jeffers. The story revolves around Floyd (Sam Hoye) and his Mum (Grace Alexander-Scott) trying to retrieve his stuck kite, which further develops into a larger problem with more and more items stuck!

The set of stuck mainly consist of a tree, painted in vibrant colours making it look whimsical which would definitely engage the attention of children watching it.  Props which are used to depict the items stuck in the tree also carry the same theme, making the entire show delightful for children and adults alike.

The adventures (or misadventures) begin with Floyd’s kite being stuck in a tree, and in order to retrieve the kite, he begins to throw up more items to dislodge the kite. Initially Mum, tries to talk Floyd out of doing so, but she later joins in the fun, in my opinion, trying to make the predicament an uplifting activity between Floyd and her.

Audiences are engaged with interactive dialogues, and playful taunting, for example, Mum acting as if she was going to pour paint on the audience (the paint was actually confetti), which garnered a reaction from both the adults and children.

Apart from the well put together dialogue, the experience is further enhanced with clever lyrics coupled with catchy tunes which ranged from upbeat music to even a country inspired number.  Lively singing and well staged choreography by Floyd and Mum in various costumes using props definitely adds more layers to the musical making it memorable for all audiences.

However, it does not stop at just playful taunting, as later on, firemen who came to assist in the retrieval of the kite, spray the audiences with water guns.

Needless to say, as going along with the premise of ‘Stuck’ the firemen later on ends up stuck in the tree as well along other items such as shoes, a door, the kitchen sink, a bicycle, an Orang Utan, a ship and even a WHALE!

After running out of items to throw on the tree to dislodge the kite with no success, Mum tries to console Floyd. However, Floyd had a bright idea! And threw Mum up the tree which resulted in the kite being free once more.

Stuck is an imaginative view on how people attack problems, sometimes by throwing more problems into it making it one huge mess, however, it also promotes creative problem solving, and thinking outside of the box in order to obtain a solution.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Stuck’, with its whimsical, vibrant set and props, and storyline. Despite the fact that this show was targeted to amuse children, rest assured both adults and kids will definitely fine themselves entertained.


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