Rock Cappella by Fork review

Rock Cappella by Fork review

Rock Cappella by Fork was incredibly fun and entertaining! Describing Fork as an a cappella group is definitely an underrated statement.

Hail from Finland, Fork has been playing for sold out houses in Scandinavia and now they are ready to take the rest of the world.

Fork rocked the house on the opening night at PJ Live Arts last week with classical oldies from yesteryears to latest pop/rock songs. And believe it or not, all of that performed by them, without any musical instruments, live!

Using only their voices, the four members of Fork (Mia Hafrén, Anna Asunta, Jonte Ramsten and Kasper Ramström) are able to produce some amazing sounds. With the help of voice changer, they can even perform guitar and drum solo.

Not only they can sing, they have some good sense of humour too. Having some comedic moments throughout the show is a plus point though not all of them have equal comic talent.

Stage lighting design was simply remarkable! The ever changing effects, colours and combination of the lights can put on a show all by itself!

The group has a broad range and have performed songs like oldies “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” by Modern Talking, rock song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and a mesh-up of Lady Gaga’s songs.

Performed in 2 sets of fabulous and fashionable outfits plus their energetic choreography, the show was visually stunning.

At the beginning of the show, the audience was told that they could get out of the chair and dance along if they feel like. Later Jonte assured that everybody will stand up and dance at the end. I was like “oh, I don’t know about that. It is not easy to get Malaysian audience off their chairs let alone dancing in the theatre.”

But boy I was so wrong. Not only people were off their chairs, they were on their feet, hands in the air and dancing to the beats! The entire theatre turned into a party hall!

Four different vocals, four different characters, Fork combined music, stand-up, theatre, dance, fashion and light show that all add up to an elegant yet entertaining show experience that is truly not to be missed!

So grab your tickets right away and don’t forget to practice your horse riding dance (if you know what I mean) and get ready to party!


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