Men in Tutus review

Men in Tutus review

Men in Tutus has all the right recipes to make a tear jerking, stomach cramping comedy (the title itself already invoke giggles). Not only it is drenched with slap stick homour but also witty ones to those who are exposed to ballet techniques and common bad dance habits!

The show opened with introductions by the producer, Victor Trevino, in drag of course! He gave an overview of what to expect from the show as well as a brief history of this dance form; this dance form has been around and still currently developing for over 30 years with numerous repertoires! Satire and comedy may be its major motive but their skills and training are not. Those titanium ankles in pointes are not for the faint hearted.

The show began with Le Grande Pas de Quatre, a 4 men romantic era piece, which then continued to other famous repertoire that ranged from classical to modern ballet such as the pas de deux from ‘Le Coisaire’, ‘Go For Barocco’, ‘Swan Lake Act II’ and of course the famous and indigenous to this dance form, ‘The Dying Swan’ soloed by none other than Victor Trevino himself.

One cannot deny the genius behind the design of this show. The embedded loud, deliberate, over-the-top facial expressions, the non-existent spatial awareness, and diva huff slap stick humour are expected, however it is the subtlety in the other aspects of humour that makes it truly hilarious.

Among them is the casting of the dancers. The variation of height and size are evident such as inserting a short dancer among the three Cygnes in ‘The Swan Lake’ and an oversized, retired look-alike diva who loses her balance ever so often in the Pas de Quatre. In addition to that, these dancers diligently carried their characters throughout the show!  - A vertically challenged overachiever; a conservative technically anal but yet ill acknowledged Asian; a slutty, tutu lifting, thigh exposing dancer; an old retired domineering oversized diva; and a plus sized ballerina ballerino! To make it even funnier, they displayed techniques and styles that are taboos in classical ballet such as flexed feet and grand a la seconde at inappropriate places, raised shoulders in fifths, and bursting into fosse-esque releves and battements and shimmies.

Comedy aside, the show itself is a breath-taking spectacle. These ballerinos are technically sound with a long list of training and experience under their belt; stunning single single triple fouttes and fantastic alleviation in their jetes and cabrioles just to name a few. Cause in the end it is still a ballet performance and thus they have to be impeccable in their craft.

Men in Tutus may not be a must watch to some but they will be missing an unforgettable theatre experience! It is not a comedy in the form of dance but instead the other way around. Using the medium of comedy allows those who are not curious or interested in watching a ballet to watch one with more common ground and an open mind and henceforth create exposure and then appreciation towards ballet. Behind all that facial expressions lie the passion for perfection, the addiction to pain, the gruelling uncompromising discipline and industry. It is just a shame that the size of the stage is insufficient for them to use and that the lighting did not do much justice to their staging.

So catch them while you can, they only run till the 23nd of June, and expose yourself to the beauty of ballet and what better way than a comedic one to kick your blues and hazy lungs away with a good hearty and incessant laughter!


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