Marrying Me the Musical preview

Marrying Me the Musical preview

There is this one common question that Malaysian girls (especially Chinese girls!) often get asked — “Still no boyfriend ah?” If you can relate to the situation, you definitely have to catch this new musical “Marrying Me”.

With six BOH Cameronian Arts Awards (Musical Theatre category) within the team, this musical comedy is produced by klpac and penangpac, musically directed by Stephen Tok with choreography by Lex Lakshman Balakrishnan and directed by Christopher Ling.

Christopher Ling, an award-winning director, who also directed Kiss of the Spider Woman the Musical and award-winning musical The Last Five Years has again taken up the challenge to direct a whole new musical. But this time around, it is going to be an original musical with music by the musical genius Onn San, the book by Malaysian writer Mark Beau de Silva and the lyrics by New York-based writer, performer and dramaturg EllaRose Chary.

During the press preview, members of the media were given a chance to have a short glimpse of what “Marrying Me” would offer during the actual full-length show onstage.

Led by leading lady, Stephanie Van Driesen (who plays “Stephanie”), audiences can expect strong emotions and bearing of the soul from this leading lady as she portrays the life of a strong woman who feels that marriage is unnecessary and is not intending to get married. Sandra Sodhy (who plays “Stephanie’s Mom”) gets a character that is worried as to why her daughter is unattached and does not understand why she does not want to get married. Her thoughts are strengthened by the annoying and pesky aunt (played by Fang Chyi). As “tragedies” arise, Stephanie is forced to turn to her ex (played by Tony Leo Selvaraj) and gets harassed as well by their mutual friends (played by Benjamin Lin and Joel Wong).

What one would find uncommon in this musical is the fact that the stage is carefully designed to be at the center where audiences will be seated at all four sides of the stage. Usually when this happens, the play has to be “choreographed” in a way that none of the audiences feel left out. This would surely not be an easy feat, but with the team at hand, I don’t see it as an impossible task.

With a powerhouse cast including Stephanie Van Driesen, Sandra Sodhy, Tony Leo Selvarag, Fang Chyi, Benjamin Lin and Joel Wong,  they have shown promising performance with their impeccable vocal and intriguing acting even during the preview show. “Marrying Me” is definitely one of the musicals not to be missed.


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