Malaysian Girls the Musical review

Malaysian Girls the Musical review

Malaysian Girls the Musical is an original musical production produced by the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) telling the story about the inner crazy world of beauty pageant.

The background of the musical is set in a beauty pageant (The Malaysian Girls Pageant). The story started as the finalists of the beauty pageant mourning at the accidental death of one of the founders—Samsara Jaya.

Serenity Billion (played by Tabitha Kong) who also co-founded the “Malaysian Girls Pageant” has decided to take up the challenge to continue the beauty pageant despite the disheartening event.

As Serenity stood up to a greater challenge, there came the unexpected guests—the flashy Ray Sanjay (played by THR deejay Aanantha) brother of Samsara Jaya, and the wicked Jasmin Hibiscus (played by Siti Farrah Abdullah)—who wanted to take over the beauty pageant and bring the beauty pageant towards a different direction.

As Ray and Jasmin brought in a mat salleh trainer Sydney Belle (played by Zoe Taylor), the dramas begin as things started to take a different route.

The final production of the musical was so much better than the preview show in terms of stage set, singing and dancing.

The stage was simple but not too boring. The center stairs was one of the interesting features of the set but perhaps it was also the weakness. I couldn’t help but to hold my breath every time the girls cautiously walk up and down the huge stairs on their six-inch heels and hope that no one trip or fall.

Tabitha Kong has always been a good actress and singer. Her appearance in the show was a real treat and she has also managed to play the strong and independent “big sister” character—Serenity Billion—to her best.

However, Siti Farrah Abdullah has totally stole the spotlight of the night for pulling off the rude, aggressive and wicked character—Jasmin Hibiscus—flawlessly.

Character development was a little bit too fast especially when it comes to the romantic interest between Serenity Billion and Ray Sanjay.

Although choreography has improved since the preview show, but I still find it lack of the explosive energy and variety of movements needed to bring the show to the next level.

One of the messages of the musical was, things from the west are not always better than local. However, most of the cast are just average when it comes to dancing. Ironically, the one who has the better dance move was, well, the mat salleh—Zoe Taylor. On purpose or coincident? I don’t know.

The 14 original songs were well composed and covered different genres. The ending songs were really well written that they were both emotionally and thought provoking.

Beauty is only skin deep—this phrase best describe Malaysian Girls the Musical in every way.

Look pass the beauty pageant in the story and you will find handful of meaningful messages throughout the show. Messages about inner beauty is what makes Malaysian girls beautiful and proud to be who we are or more specifically proud to call ourself Malaysians.

Malaysian Girls the Musical is truly a musical made by Malaysians for Malaysians. It was so “Malaysian” perhaps only Malaysians will understand the sarcastic jokes.

The jokes, the sarcasm and the messages of the musical alone have made the show worth watching. Package all of that with catchy songs, over-the-top dramas and glitzy costumes, Malaysian Girls the Musical will definitely fill your day with eye candies and lap-slapping laughing moments.


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