Malaysian Girls the Musical preview

Malaysian Girls the Musical preview

It is nice to see beauty pageants dressed up in their evening gowns walking down the stage. But what is more interesting is when you unfold the glitz and glamour, you will see the ugly truth and drama lie beneath those pounds of makeups. And that is what Malaysian Girls the Musical is all about.

Malaysian Girls the Musical is an original musical production produced by the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) telling the story about the crazy world of beauty pageant.

In the musical, Samsara Jaya and Serenity Billion (played by Tabitha Kong) created The Malaysian Girls Pageant in order to seek and define the ideal beauty of Malaysia. The pageant has proudly celebrated Malaysian beauty year after year until the beloved Samsara passes away. Then came the flashy Ray Sanjay (played by THR deejay Aanantha) and Jasmin Hibiscus (played by Siti Farrah Abdullah) who then turn the Malaysian Girls Pageant into something less Malaysian by bringing in mat salleh pageant.

Anticipate the drama that is going to happen behind the curtains as Malaysian Girls the Musical brings you into the crazy inner world of beauty pageant with humorous acts, singing and dancing.

Malaysian Girls will be featuring 14 original songs composed by 5 Malaysian singer-songwriters Khairil M. Bahar, Ariff Akhir, Ian Chow, Wani Ardy and Min’z.

All the 14 songs will soon be made available for download via the main sponsor’s—Celcom—new music and entertainment content website The Cube at

Starring 14 of the most gorgeous and talented girls in Malaysia, Malaysian Girls the Musical is the first musical on a beauty pageant in Malaysia.

Led by the esteemed director Joe Hasham OAM and Dato’ Faridah Merican, together with the entire klpac’s residency as the creative minds behind this ambitious stage production, Malaysian Girls the Musical is set to rock klpac’s Pentas 1 this coming December with dramas, songs, music and dance.


Sneak Peek

Get a taste of Malaysian Girls the Musical from the short preview video below recorded during the press preview on 22 November 2011 at Pentas 2, klpac.


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