Kiss of the Spider Woman the Musical review

Kiss of the Spider Woman the Musical review

Kiss of the Spider Woman is klpac’s latest production of the top hit Broadway musical which took away the Tony Award for Best Musical in 1993.

The musical features 12 cast members and an award-winning creative team that produced “The Last Five Years” which took away 3 awards during the 9th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2012.

The story involves a prison, a Marxist revolutionary, a homosexual window dresser and an imaginary movie star. Despite the weirdest combination you can ever put together, the outcome was pretty compelling.

Luis Alberto Molina (played by Dominic Lucien Luk), a homosexual window dresser, is in a prison serving his years for corrupting a minor.

In order to escape the terrible prison life, Molina fantasises about a movie star named Aurora (played by Nicole-Ann Thomas) that he adores very much and ignores everything else that is happening in the prison day in and day out.

Molina loves Aurora in all her roles except one, the spider woman (also played by Nicole-Ann Thomas) who kills with her kiss.

One day, a new man is brought into his cell, Valentin Arregui Paz (played by Michael Chen), a Marxist revolutionary who has been tortured badly.

Valentin is a hotheaded man who cannot stand Molina and his theatrical fantasies and he draws a line on the floor to stop Molina from coming near to him.

As time passes, the line faded and so does the tension between them. Every time Valentin is being tortured, Molina cares for him afterwards and talks about Aurora and his mother (played by Davina Goh).

Slowly, Molina falls in love with Valentin. As Valentin notices Molina’s feeling towards him, he gives himself to Molina so that Molina would deliver a message to Valentin’s girlfriend Marta (played by Anrie Too) as Molina is being freed to visit his mother.

The prison director caught Molina making the phone call and forces him to tell whom he called but Molina refuses to. Molina confesses his love to Valentin right before he is being shot dead on his head.

The scene then shifts to Molina in a heaven like world, where all of the people in his life come to watch his final “movie.”

The spider woman arrives and gives her deadly kiss to Molina and the story comes to an end.

Kiss of the Spider Woman presented by klpac was simple yet entertaining. Perhaps it was the several humorous scenes throughout the show or the live four-piece band that infused more entertainment value into the show. But most of all, I think it was the amazing lead cast, and in particular, Dominic Lucien Luk as Molina and Davina Goh as Molina’s mother.

Dominic, who is also a vocal instructor, has shown prominent talent in both acting and singing especially in carrying out the flamboyant character Molina convincingly.

While Davina’s role as the elderly mother was full of emotions especially during the song “Dear One”. Though it might be even more persuasive if makeup or a wig was utilised.

Vocal performance by the lead cast was the highlight of the musical but the entire setup was lack of the look and feel of a prison especially the background, sets and costumes.

It is a risky thing to reproduce a Tony Award winning musical as people will tend to compare the productions in every aspect. But given the limited resources, klpac has done a great job in making the strange story closer to the hearts of the local audience.


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