How to Catch a Star review

How to Catch a Star review

“How to Catch a Star” is a children’s theatre based on the bestselling children’s book by award-winning author, Oliver Jeffers. Adapted and directed by Bill Davies, with music and lyrics by Frank Goodhind.

With colourful and cartoonish set and props which look straight out from a children’s book, it’s not difficult for children to fall in love with what they see on stage once they step into the theatre.

Played by 3 wonderful actors Bill Davies as Orion the Storyteller, Fay Hennell as Aurora the Storyteller and Ben Sbuttoni as the Boy from the Blunderbus Theatre Company, the engaging tale is brought to life with an irresistible blend of live music, puppetry and storytelling especially for children aged 3-7.

It was a story about Boy, who loved stars very much. Every night he watched stars from his bedroom window and wished he had one of his own.

One day, he decided he would try to catch a star. He made different plans and he set out to an extraordinary journey to catch a star.

During his journey, Boy went through different incidents and met a hilarious seagull. Boy’s journey was not only entertaining, but comically funny and interactive as well.

With its engaging dialogues, acting and a little fun moment during the water spraying session, they really got the children to move and shout.

Set and props are truly amazing. Its oversized chocolate, telescope and the cute, lively angry seagull puppet, they have one of the best props used in children’s theatres I’ve seen so far.

In the end, Boy finally caught a star. Well, maybe not a real star but a starfish. He carried his “star” and went home happily.

I really like how the story ended. Catching a star might seem impossible to some, but to Boy, starfish is also a star. It depends on how you think.

With scepticism becoming a norm in today’s society, more dreamers can really make the world a more beautiful place. After all, it is dreams that will make us think outside the box and bring us further into the sky.


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