CARTOON by Steve Yockey review

CARTOON by Steve Yockey review

It was like nothing I have ever seen! Watching CARTOON by Steve Yockey was like watching animated cartoon series, but with real flesh-and-blood actors.

CARTOON by Steve Yockey is a one-of-its-kind theatre written by Steve Yockey—an American playwright—and directed by Kelvin Wong—klpac’s director-in-residence.

Step into Pentas 2 at klpac, you will find yourself stepping into the world of Toontown. Colourful backdrops, gigantic props and weird-funny-looking “cartoon characters” sleeping everywhere.

While waiting for the show to begin, the audience were being treated with short clips of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck from Loony Tunes.

The show began when the gigantic alarm clock rang and woke up all the characters. They started to sing and dance happily to the theme song and get ready to a bright and beautiful day at Toontown.

The theme song ended and they went back to sleep. Then the gigantic alarm clock rang again and they started to sing and dance happily to the theme song, again.

To those Toonizens at Toontown, theme song is just a norm and it’s a routine that must be done again and again. But this is not the case for “Trouble”.

The rebellious Trouble got sick of the mundane routine and decided to steal the magical yellow sledgehammer from Esther—the ruler of Toontown—which she uses it to command the Toonizens.

While the hammer stolen, theme song came to a halt, paranoia and violence followed, blood spilled, and the entire Toontown went into chaos.

The show was fast-paced, outrageous, energetic and seriously funny, with real actors playing cartoon characters fighting and killing each other.

As fun as it sounds, the show has actually much more to offer. Dig deeper and you will find a strong message of “making a change”, which we have been witnessing in different parts of the world (including Malaysia) in recent years.

Featuring young and talented cast of Grace Ng (host and presenter for ntv7’s Cube and 7 Edition), Alexis Wong (klpac’s T4YP Alumni), Lorna Hoong and Jabar Laura (dancers at the National Arts Academy, ASWARA), UiHua and Freddy Tan (klpac’s INDICINELIVE! Alumni), as well as relative newcomers Amanda Ang and Matthew Ong.

Although I find the cartoon theme has overshadowed the underlaying message, the monologues appeared in between the show came in just in time to give the audience a deeper look into the characters’ inner thoughts.

The set design was beautiful and the costumes were amazing. The entire arrangement of the show was so packed, 70 minutes fly passed in a blink of an eye.

If you think that since it’s cartoon let’s bring the kids together, then you better think again because I’m sure cartoon characters that steal people’s things, kill each other for the same man or murder each other for no reason are the last things you want them to see.

But if you think it’s cool to see a cartoon like that, then wait no more.


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